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The One About My Butterfly Writing Bag

I've not written a blog post for so long. I've been dabbling in all the other things like podcasts, changing career, social media content, changing my life and enjoying every glorious, messy second of it. I really do feel like I'm in the second volume of my life; I've just recently finished the last chapter of volume one and closed it over gently. I'm going to be much more involved in writing this one. Main character energy. (I shared this music with my friends the other day. When you play it whilst getting ready in the morning, it gives mega main character energy to you.)

So, here it is. More of a diary than a blog. Except different. I suppose, I wouldn't really share my actual, actual diary online but in keeping with the podcast theme, this is a diary/blog of sorts. A biary? A dlog? Enjoy it if you like. I don't imagine many people will read it, a thought which has encouraged me to write more freely and creatively, about whatever I want. Whenever I want. Recently, I've been getting cross at myself because I haven't consistently been uploading my Sunday podcast or weekly newsletter, despite having promised weekly letters to people who have signed up. Like I said, gloriously messy - and I'm now ok with that.

My recent burst of inspiration came from a book I bought in a second hand book shop about ten years ago, that used to live in the Dubai garden centre. I literally never opened it until the other day, after it caught my eye on my lovely, green bookshelf. In fact, waved at me rather than caught my eye. It was time to read it. Oh my goodness how glad I am that I did. Published in '93, it is more relevant than ever - for women in particular, and those that have women in their lives. I also just learned there is a 25 year anniversary edition. The title is 'Succulent Wild Woman', and I devoured every juicy drop. It is a short read with a lasting impact. The author, SARK, somehow gave me permission to do whatever I want and be even more authentically, unapologetically me. I think I had already started down this pathway (cue Beyonce masterpiece Renaissance), but she gave me a right kick in the bum! Please, read it.

So, before I had even finished the book, I created my butterfly writing bag. My mum gave me this bag years ago, when I was in my fake designer bag era. And, I have to admit, I didn't really like it. I didn't think it was 'cool' enough for me. But, it was a gift from my mum so it still had meaning. Just like the book who waved at me, the bag smiled at me when I opened my wardrobe; I hadn't noticed it for years.

Now, many of you know I previously worked as a primary teacher. One of my favourite things to do was make 'Write Anywhere' bags for the classroom. I'd have lovely shopper type bags filled to the brim with curly pencils, notepads, general writing paraphernalia and the children could take the bag from the little hook to anywhere in the classroom that had inspired them to write. I really loved to see them do that. Today, I made my own 'write anywhere' bag. It has butterflies on it. Thanks mum :)

I love when things reveal their purpose to you in life. You know when you're drawn to something random and you buy it or keep it and you don't know why? I'm so glad I've done that my whole life, because in this volume, many of my random things are making their purpose known to me. Loving it. So, now I have a a butterfly writing bag. I took it to a cafe today across the road to read my Succulent Wild Woman book and write a little. They didn't have decaf, so I nervously ordered a latte despite it being 1pm. That's what real writers do isn't it? I wrote the first 19 words of this blog (should I call it biary/dlog? It's annoying me! lol!) Then, I went home for a nap. Honestly, bliss.

I'm writing this on my balcony and the breeze is gorgeous. My little cat is snoozing beside me. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy, when I reread these first few pages of my life, volume 2. I am writing this story with presence and this time, I am SO here for it.

Are you enjoying the chapter of life you are in?

Ashley x


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