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An Iceberg in the Desert

I'm full of big ideas, I enjoy being creative and I love to share these ideas with others. However, the recent realization that I'm not making the impact I'd like to, as quickly as I'd like to, cast a bit of a cloud over my well-being rainbow.

So, best ask for help I decided. After a few conversations and one particular chat, this little story transpired. I couldn't think of the last time someone lent me a book; what a welcome gesture to counteract my somewhat obsessive habit of buying countless books that I never have time to read. Alas, that's a whole other blog post.

'Our Iceberg Is Melting'. As soon as I looked at the front cover another little parable popped into my mind, 'Who Moved My Cheese' and the idea is very similar. Simple reading with a huge chunk to take away, whether it be in cheese or iceberg form.

Without giving away too much, the penguin colony are faced with the impending disaster of their iceberg melting, the place they've always known where things have always been. Even with inevitable danger, change is met with resistance. And where there's adversity and change afoot, change-makers appear as do leaders, the unsure, the downright stubborn (cue a particular penguin called NoNo) the creatives and the herd . It's lovely to see your reflection in different penguins at times. I've been Fred, who 'knew he had to do something. But he was in no position to make any pronouncements or dictate how others should act.' I've also been Alice, a busier body in the penguin colony who decided that 'We need to remind the birds of what they have heard and remind them ALL THE TIME.' (Her countless iceposters began to have the desired effect, just saying :) )

The sparkley bit on the top of the iceberg for me is the inclusion of 'The Eight Step Process of Successful Change' - exactly what I needed to start on that impact I've been hankering after. It told me in black and white that I don't need to do it alone either.

I think upper key stage two children could make marvelous meaning out of this little story as will anyone else who happens to have a melting iceberg. If you have a copy, lend it to someone. They'll be delighted you did.



I mean Alice,

I mean Ashley :)


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