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Move, Meditate, Motivate Self

This picture is the point in my life where I can pinpoint that I was at my most well, physically and mentally. After a month in India doing my Yoga teacher training and learning so much otherwordly stuff, I left with this ineffable feeling I struggled to describe to anyone. If I could have bottled and sold that feeling, I'd have made millions. At times, I can mentally transport myself there and feel that feeling again, after all, the real lesson was finding that inner joy and carrying it with you wherever you went. But when life gets in the way, the magic fades.

After a particularly busy week at work, I went home as soon as I could at the end of the last day and went to rest. I spent the rest of the weekend simply resting, and being a bit lazy. Once again, I haven't managed to get round to the massive list of things I want to do for my passion projects, the things outside work that matter most to me - the things which give me purpose and meaning in life. Then I remind myself that by just starting, these things make me feel energised.

Ever felt that your to do list grows so much, words and lists start flying around your head in an overwhelming mish mash and don't know where to start?

So, I'm sure there are many people who recognise this feeling and I'd like to just share what I do when it all gets too loud inside my head and I don't know where or what to start with.

Move, Meditate, Motivate self.

Move - I decide I'm going to start with gentle movement and I choose a day that I'm going to begin. Tomorrow, I'll start going out for a walk after work, even if it is only for 20 minutes, I'll have cared for my body by moving gently after feeling so run down. After all, this is the place that houses my being while I'm here on earth; I'd like to take better care of my home.

Meditate - Pick up my meditation and mindfulness practices again, gently nurturing and caring for my mind. This is where I believe the majority of my being is. Whenever I have some self set tasks to do for my passion projects, I love to de-clutter my house; I know that if I am aiming to live well, 'tidying' and nurturing my mind is paramount. There are so many ways to do this, find which meditation practices work for you.

Motivate Self - This one is where I choose just one tiny thing that makes me feel motivated. It could be read a chapter of a book, make a list of goals for the next day, plan out my week, make a vision board, brain dump all the stuff floating around my head and pick one for the week to start with. Today, I'm simply going to read a couple of chapters of a self development book that I know I will love.

Knowing that inner joy I discovered in Rishikesh is available to me, I know I must find the strength to turn towards it again, especially when the world is so hard right now for us all.

A lovely quote from Dolly Parton has been popping up in my mind every couple of hours this weekend -"Don't get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life". You said it Dolly. I'm just going to leave that there and go make some gentle steps towards feeling more well.

Ashley x


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