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KS2 - Working Window

Personally, I love a working wall. I really like displaying the journey of a topic from start to finish, adding and referring to things as we go. It helps the children jog their memory, particularly in the younger years. So, it was really lovely to see this happen in a school here in Dubai, who have been using the character strength cards everyday in their classrooms.

The teachers in some of the KS2 classes decided to pick out a different strength each week and put it on the window. Each day, the class discussed the strength in more depth adding post its around the card. The post its included observations from the children who spotted strengths in others, have used the strength themselves or have noticed the strength arise in another subject, for example, in a story in English.

This is a pretty easy way for the class to come together and deepen their understanding of a strength within their own personal, school context.

What will you see when you look at the window?


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