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KS1/KS2 - Drama!

As grown ups, we all dread acting out scenarios during training events with our peers but as teachers, we often ask children to take part in drama activities, including role play activities in areas carefully built with various things found in the cupboard and loads of cardboard. The thing is, it is a form of play and most children really enjoy it as they tend to remember what they've learned through play based activities. So, of course character strengths can be learned in this way too!

After learning about the vocabulary children can work in groups to act out given, or agreed, scenarios for the class. The groups can act out a particular strength in action whilst their classmates try and get which Value in Action (...VIA character strength) is being performed in this dramatic fashion! Some of the older children can act out scenarios from their own lives, where they have seen strengths in action or, situations that they often find themselves using particular strengths.

Lights, camera (Values in) Action!!


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