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Embracing My Inner Bridget one reading this needs me to recap 2020 and how many truly awful things happened. Right from the start. We were all affected. In an unspeakable constellation of different ways. In December, my little Granny died; I hadn't seen her since December 2019. I was able to fly home for her funeral and remain home for the Christmas break. Although heartbreaking, being with my parents and brother was a balm for us all; togetherness was what we needed. I know how very lucky I am, that I was able to travel to be with my family when so many haven't.

So, I flew again on the 30th to come back to Dubai (as well as most of UK reality tv's finest...) and as I was awaiting my COVID-19 PCR test results from the airport, I had no choice but to celebrate new year alone (well, the cat was there). I ordered pizza, chilled the champagne and put Bridgerton on (new series on Netflix - go watch it after you read this!). I had a flashing thought of - Oh gosh, I really am a bit of a Bridget Jones. Instead of whipping out the hair brush for a rendition of 'All By Myself' - I decided to revisit my blessings. Not in an Instagram #blessed way, but with a deep sense of gratitude, joy and hope. I had such a lovely time.

Those who know me know my love of all things wellbeing and Positive Psychology. Quite often I talk about different things from this field that can help increase our wellbeing. I'd like to practice what I preach a little and January will have a focus on Character Strengths for me, starting with gratitude. Keep checking in for little bits about strengths in day to day life and in the classroom.

None of us know what 2021 holds (2020 taught us that). But what I do know is, instead of logging my daily weight, writing a journal with a focus on what has went wrong a'la unhappy Bridget style, I'm going to take life as it comes and never lose hope - a'la happy Bridget style :) (Perhaps I'll meet a Mr Darcey too!).

Ashley x

PS - We go back into school tomorrow in Dubai, so before writing this blog I had a bath, complete with a glittery bathbomb, candles and wine while I read my favourite magazine - absolute bliss! What's your self care routine?


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