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38 Lessons in 38 Years...

Turning thirty seven didn't go well for me. Shrouded in darkness, lonely whilst surrounded by people and love. I berated myself for not having ticked off the list that we're 'supposed' to have ticked off - we all know what that bloody list looks like.

A couple of months later, I left a career and started another. No clue what would happen but knowing I couldn't survive if I didn't listen to my heart and soul. This, combined with connecting with some of the most beautiful human beings, has accelerated my personal growth in an ineffable way. It's a constant process - and I'm here, present, for it all.

I didn't know how turning thirty eight would land. The run up, the day, and afterwards has been, simply, peaceful. I really felt love from those around me and those who love me, mainly because I allowed myself to receive it. I reflected, journaled and spent time with me. I also have love for myself now, and what a gift that is, to give yourself.

Here are some (38) of the lessons I've learned in 38 years - in no particular order :) I've written them all in first person so as not to come across preachy :) Replace 'I' for 'you' if you feel like it x

1 - Trust my intuition. I know myself better than anyone.

2 - Move towards the things I am drawn to and interested in, even if friends aren't interested in them. Chances are, it could be part of my calling and life purpose.

3 - Find a tribe. Find those people who champion me and who would mention my name in a room full of opportunity.

4 - Not everyone is going to understand me and that's ok.

5 - I don't need to understand everyone.

6 - Trying to 'fit in' will eventually become really uncomfortable.

7 - The right people will make me belly laugh and will also tell me, when I'm wrong. Those people will never make me feel inadequate or less than.

8 - Make space everyday, to be creative. Writing, singing, dancing etc can be healing and expansive. However, the current world will try and close the space at times. Just look at how much time in current education systems is dedicated solely to creativity...

9 - Love comes in so many forms. I can live a full life of love, without children and being 'single', despite what society suggests. Some of the deepest love I have felt is from a group of women I had only known a short time.

10 - Make up is fun but the world is so focused on the external; doing the work and growth is the most beautiful thing to me.

11 - Don't try to be windswept and interesting, be windswept and interesting (thanks for this one dad :)

12 - Although it might feel like the pain of a broken heart will end me, there's light on the other side - I promise.

13 - The right person will feel like home. Communication is the key.

14 - Most people are too wrapped up in themselves to notice what I'm doing - so just do whatever makes my heart sing.

15 - Gossiping probably means that I need to look inside and figure out why I'm gossiping.

16 - If my gut is waving a little red flag at me, pay attention.

17 - Being honest can be hard, but it is really the only way through.

18 - Wellbeing science and mental health strategies should start being taught the second a child enters education.

19 - I am already pretty enough, slim enough, fun enough - I am enough, just as I am.

20 - Some of our most painful lessons will come from those who tell us they love us throughout our lifetime.

21 - Travel to the places that I was fascinated by as a child - even if it is totally random and I don't know why I was so interested in it.

22 - Fear is bullshit. (Oh, how I struggled to get here)

23 - I matter.

24 - I am worthy.

25 - I can make a difference in the world.

26 - I will continue to see the world through the lense of love, no matter who tells me I shouldn't.

27 - I am way stronger than I used to give myself credit for.

28 - Jealousy needn't be deemed as a bad thing - when I notice something in another I covet, I can take inspiration from that. Envy is dark.

29 - Sometimes, you just have to press the f**k it button.

30 - Take risks; fortune really does favour the bold.

31 - Astrology is waaaayy more than horoscopes in weekly magazines. It is mind blowing when you research it properly.

32- Young children are so, so wise and the BEST teachers.

33 - Treat myself well and with reverence; I am the only one who is going to be with me my whole life. We are literally made of stars, act like it!

34 - The only acceptance I seek, should be from myself. How can others accept me, flaws and all, if I can't accept parts of myself?

35 - I couldn't ever have seen how bright the light is, without having lived in darkness once.

36 - Live in a way that would make my little niece proud. That way, when she asks me for advice later in life, I can answer honestly.

37 - Sometimes, my decisions might not make sense to others but I have to believe in myself.

38 - My authentic self is the best version of me. Every step along the way, brings me closer to all my dreams.

38 (and a bit) - I'm a good cat mum - I have kept my cat alive and happy (ish, who knows with cats) for 7 years.

What are some of your life lessons so far?



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