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Coaching Fundamentals

As part of my recent studies I learned a lot about coaching. I chose the course I did because of the Applied Positive Psychology part and I saw the coaching part as a bonus as it is something I didn't know so much about - and what a world I was introduced to! So much scientific research has taken place in coaching psychology in many fields including education.

However, coaching is open to us all in many different forms and I genuinely believe everyone can benefit from having a coach. Personally, I seek out coaching services when I need a sounding board and space to sort through the things in my head. The majority of my own coaching clients have been teachers, looking to set personal and professional goals.

I am delighted to be an advocate for Growth Coaching International - a company that are committed to working collaboratively with clients, sharing practitioner-focused, impactful, research-informed and practical coaching skills within a positive and empathetic environment for personal, professional and organisational improvement.

The good news is - they have a range of wonderful courses which are affordable, valuable and accessible to all. Why don't you start with their "Fundamentals of Coaching' course starting on Wednesday 21st of October online.

Click HERE to learn more.

Ashley x

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