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Who Would You Be Then?

Once in a while I like to sit and take stock of my life. Where I am emotionally, physically, what I'm grateful for, how lucky I am with certain things, what I want in my life next...but this time, I considered a little more.

With uni finished, the book out there, I have a whole new set of goals and dreams to work on. One of which is begin promoting the book more so that it reaches children everywhere, and becomes another resource for teachers and parents across the globe. I've been thinking about how to connect with more new friends through social media, and here comes the point...

My instagram handle is @mindfulmissgreen. I have twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. It is clear that I am a teacher on all of these, so there is another 'label' of mine. I updated social media to include 'author' - another label or achievement. My nationality is Scottish, I have three given names, a birthdate, certificates to say who I am, what I'm qualified to work as. I'm female. I tick the 'single' box on visa forms...I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

Now, back to what crossed my mind recently. Who would I be without all these things, whether labels, achievements, boxes, whatever we choose to call them. What attributes do I have that make me the being that I am? I'd like to think kindness might be in there, perhaps creativity, spiritual and reflective. Maybe, spending time thinking about this more often might lead me further down the path of self discovery and knowing 'me' better.

If you put aside external things that make you, you (labels, achievements, credentials, nationality, age etc) what do you notice about your inner being?

Enjoy the exploration,


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