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The 'Before You're 30' List...

When I was younger I thought life would be mapped out and linear. You go to school, high school, university, get a job, meet someone, have kids etc - easy right? And surely, all before you are 30? If only we had been better prepared for the life that really happens!

For some, the above path is the one that they have followed and what lovely life it must be. One that I have only experienced part of so far. I work in a fantastic school and live a lucky, privileged life in Dubai that I am grateful for and have put in the hard work to obtain. This year, I'll turn 35 and I'm unmarried and have no children. Does this mean I haven't achieved the typical life list? At times it can be daunting, as I really did think by this time in life, I would have experienced the things that society seems to expect you to have. Do I feel sad that I haven't met that person yet? Sometimes. Would I like to have children in future? If I'm lucky enough to be able to. Someone once said to me 'You really are unlucky in love, you deserve to find someone' - Emm I do - but I'm not unlucky - quite the opposite.

I'm lucky enough to have experienced hardships that have moulded me into the person I am today, I've experienced growth and confidence that I never believed possible and most of all, I have achieved so many things that I am HUGELY proud of. And the best is yet to come. But do we celebrate the achievements of our friends out-with the typical new job/husband/baby celebrations? What about celebrating a friend who took the jump to start a small business? Or went travelling alone for the first time? Or volunteers to help the homeless? Or makes a small change in life that was hard for them? I know personally, I want my friends who achieve things they are proud of, to know that I see them.

So I guess my point would be this; make your own list. You don't need to have a degree to be successful. You don't need to have children to be a nurturing woman. You don't need to conform to the conventional standards of beauty. You can change your career at any time in your life. You can make your dreams come true. You can fall in love at ANY age. Whatever you want to do - you can.

Share your achievements with me, Id love to hear them and celebrate with you!

Ashley x

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