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What if...?

With a particular interest in teacher wellbeing this term and for my upcoming dissertation, I've been taking part in more self reflection. I've also been observing environments, such as my school, cafes, the supermarket etc. I've been listening to stories from people who work in other industries and I'm pretty sure you can guess what the common denominator is....yep - being sooooo busy.

What if, we decided to just not be so 'busy'. The work still needs to get done, things still need ticked off. But what if we changed our approach a little? What if we just accept that there is always lots to do but know as humans - there is only so much we can physically do without our workload and to-do lists being detrimental to our health? What if we choose not to be stressed by it? What if we make the choice not to send/read emails after 6pm? What if, during a heightened time in our work place, we choose to be the one to lighten the mood? Remind everyone to breathe? Be in the moment?

We really live in a culture which glorifies busy; how many of us can't wait for our vacations so we can chill, unplug and 'be away from it all'? Are these couple of weeks out of a year enough?

I'm in a place of acceptance this week. Accepting all I have to do but honouring the fact that I can't do it all and I'm taking things little by little.

What if, we shift our mindsets a little and leave the busy stress behind.

The world will keep turning, I promise. But, you just might feel a little more human.

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