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5 Ways to Well-Being: Keep Learning

Studying for my masters while working full time has been a massive learning curve for me. I feel like it's all I talk about. I'm sure everyone in my life feels that's pretty much all I talk about. I've even tried to avoid the 'What you doing at the weekend?' question as we bob in and out of the printing room at school because I had to make that face and say 'Oh just bit of uni..' one too many times - apologies everyone lol! But in the nature of this way to 'keep learning' - it seems appropriate to mention.

I can't deny I LOVE the content, love what I'm learning and look forward to the future to what's to come. I know all this hard work won't be in vain. I know that children will benefit from the things I've learned and what I can share with people. I hope to be one of those people who loves every aspect of their work, all of the time.

It got me to thinking. If I hadn't taken on positive psychology, would I have chosen something else to learn about? Would I have been content with CPD in school or would I have picked a different pathway altogether on the back of my yoga training, a more spiritual one perhaps? It's nice to think about but hard to know. One thing I do know is that I would have had to learn about something. I realised that I'd like to consider myself a lifelong learner, something we were introduced to years (and more) years ago during teacher training (shout out to the G-Unit gals :) ). We were taught to instill in the children, a deep love of learning that will encourage them to be curious, enthusiastic learners for a lifetime, although I have to say, I can't remember being taught exactly how to do that?...You just find your own way to teach that.

We learn every day, if we choose to notice. It also depends on what we are open to learning - some things we might not want to learn more about. What I think I'm trying to get at is no matter what it is you love or are passionate about- find the time. Like I said before, I do struggle with studying and teaching full-time BUT because I love it, it's made me realise you can make the space if it's truly in your heart. I also know that when I graduate, I'll probably feel like I have an abundance of time! Which I'm already planning to fill with new learning, perhaps piano, painting, more coaching...endless opportunities.

Being 12 years older than the last time I studied, I feel like a different person. More confident and more able to talk to people. One of the loveliest things about this time, is learning from so many fantastic new people who are more than happy to help out: complete kindness. Today, I had a Skype chat with a wonderful lady who is making beautiful waves in the positive education world and I learned so much in short space of time. Feeling inspired, my learning for the day transitioned from 'had to' into 'want to'.

One of the best takeaways I want to share: Be present in everything.

I just wanted to put my thoughts down and put it out there; keep learning. And, learn from everyone around you, especially those who are more than willing to be part of it with nothing but kindness.

Ashley x

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