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5 Ways to Well-Being: Connect

Sometimes there is so much well-being in my life I don't know where to look. And no, I'm not being one of those smug, happy people that are just oozing wellness out of every glowing pore. Far from it. I mean as it's such a passion of mine there's always more reading to do, more ideas to try, more blogs to write, more uni to absorb, more messages to read - it goes on. Don't get me wrong, I love it, well-being in schools and changing schools with positive education is my purpose in life at this moment, it's my dream But it doesn't mean the journey is easy. Sometimes, I get so caught up in all of it that I don't actually feel well myself. Like today. How's that for irony.

So, after yet another failed attempt at a uni lecture here I am pondering over my blog again. Partially because it helps get some of the stuff out my head but also because I asked myself, 'How can I simplify everything for now?' The answer: think about where you started. Think about the basics, the 5 ways to well-being.


I spend a lot of time thinking about endless to do lists and constant stream. Insert the 'But you practice mindfulness' comment here____. Yeah, I do but that's just what it is - practice. Continuous. I know ways to manage the patterns that have been in my life a lot longer than mindfulness. But, what my practice does help me do is be more aware. What I've been aware of recently is connection or perhaps, lack there of. I'm so often connected to the world 'out there' through social media, online lectures, emails etc and we've all seen the insta post about the more connected we are to technology the more disconnected we are to real life, we think about it for a second and then keep scrolling. Do we have so much going on in our life that true human connection lessens? I love WhatsApp chats like the next person but those connections do take over. My friend lives 550 meters away (that's you Nat) and just before logging on here we had a big massive vent to each other on WhatsApp. Connection or not? Would we have both gained more from meeting half way at the cafe we both like and having an actual face to face conversation? Without a doubt, so why didn't we? Laziness? Or does the

convenience of tech make us so? Nostalgia takes over here when I think of times away back when, when you actually walked round to your friends house, chapped the door and asked their mum if they could come out to play. Arranging during the school day to meet your friend at the top of the hill after dinner at 6:30pm. Would they be there? Yep. Would there be a 'Soz gonna have to cancel, defo next week promise!' text, nope!

Human connection is crucial to our well-being. Our being flourishes around other like-minded, loving beings. Feeling like we belong and having people in our corner is all paramount to how we feel about ourselves and how we function in society. I for one know that the more I get out my head and into the real world the better I feel (Again, the irony as I type this to a big screen that's looking back at me with my own words :) Although, I did have coffee after work yesterday with one of my favorite people and listening to her stories and really talking about life was good for my soul. I just want to make sure I do more of that.

But, there are other things I can do to ensure I give this way to well-being the nourishment it deserves.

My list for this week;

1) Mindful teaching in work - be FULLY present with the children. All the emails, admin, planning, 100 tiny jobs will have to wait. Being immersed in real, true dialogue with the children has it's own kind of magic and I'm lucky to have that opportunity in my life.

2) Phone my granny in Scotland as it's been too long.

3) At the conference I'm going to on Thursday, I want to connect with new people who share the same passions as I do. I want to learn from them and just meet new faces and personalities.

How can you deepen connections in your life? Think about it and connect.

I think we will all be glad we did.

Ashley x

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