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How Scary Would a Week Without Fear Be?

Mindfulness has helped me calm the 'bleep' down in a lot of ways. With it's kindness, mindfulness has given me an antidote to anxiety and a war cry that silences worry. All in all, it's a good egg and brings balance to my life. Sorted. However, there are another two undesirables lurking around. Time and Fear. I have an ongoing battle with both. And as I'm particularly scared of having a lack of time at the moment, (a paradox you say?) I decided to tango with fear, face on.

What is fear to you? To me, it's a combination of the above demons mixed together like an old school WWF Royal Rumble. A noisy voice that shouts 'You can't', 'It won't happen', and even more ridiculous things such as 'You talkin' to me?' (In a Robert DiNiro Taxi Driver voice) when I dare to invite my mind to dream about a future possibility.

There's so much to read about fear, everyone knows it and can say what it means to them, even little children. But why can it rule us so?

So, my to do list looks a bit like that time Homer Simpson didn't want to take out the trash and kept balancing each little piece of rubbish on top until...yep, it crashes into a big pile of mess. But, like Homer, I realised once you get started, it's not so bad (apart from maybe the odd bit of garbage water on your slippers -see video, lol!) For me, it's the fear of doing things, trying to make a dent in the list. But it really is - all in my mind. So in the near future, I've decided to really focus on a 'week without fear'. When that voice pipes up, I'm going to mindfully acknowledge it, decide if it has a shrill tone of fear and pretty much ignore it if it does. I want to see how much I usually let fear guide my life and see if I can manage better without it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on fear, how you tackle it or use it to your advantage. I'll keep you posted on if I'm #brave or a little too scared to face up to fear!


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