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Still in the Storm

River Ganga - Rishikesh

Well, that's it. We are well and truly underway in the first term of the academic year. My last post was in August and that seems like forever ago. But....there has been a whirlwind of wonderfulness swirling around me at full speed from then till now. India, where I left a little piece of my heart and replaced it with a big piece from Rishikesh, yoga, meditation, breathing and above all wellness, physically and mentally. Scotland, where more of my heart lies, not only in the hills and lochs but in the shape of gorgeous people called family and friends. China, a host country of many firsts for me, presenting to a huge amount of people alongside an inspiring bunch of team members, sharing ideas and of course.. karaoke! :) Back to Dubai with a new, little class of beautiful beings and a new role of well-being coordinator. To top it all off, I've started a masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching. Phew, whirlwind indeed, but I loved every single second and all of it, has added to my 'stillness'. Each experience - a lesson, each new task - growth and each person- brought me to a place of balance.

Now, to look forward but only through the eyes of excitement, seeing things to come. I can't wait to start introducing new activities based around well-being and mindfulness and I can't wait to see what can be achieved next. Every day life whizzes around me, in class, in school, in Dubai but each day is a chance to practice being still during these times, and by still I guess I mean at peace. Not trying to shield myself from the stress of the rain or the harshness of the wind, but pulling on a mindful hat and walking on - calmly, step by step, through any storm. As we all know, after the rain comes the rainbow!

Photo Credit - Karolina Machova

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