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As the school year ended on Thursday and the hot Dubai summer holiday started, I found myself saying 'Have a good summer' among lots of other things such as 'I'm so proud of you!' and 'You have been so lovely to have in my class!' to yet another little sea of faces. I meant every word of it, what a gorgeous class.

When I got home I sat down for a while to 'check in'. What could I notice? How did I feel? Apart from end of term exhaustion, (teachers you know EXACTLY what I mean :) I found that little match light feeling in my stomach. That little light of excitement that starts small and you just know it's going to glow and expand until the passion just bursts out into life. Why? Because I feel like I'm going to visit an old friend that I haven't seen in a long time. I'm going to India.

Now, I have never been to India before and I've certainly never traveled alone to an unknown place with the intention of staying for a month but alas, that's what I decided to do. Or rather, somehow it seemed to be decided for me!

My dining room table was covered in post-its whilst trying to decide what to do for my long summer holiday and I decided to stop thinking about it and when I did, a simple post on Facebook popped up '200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, and so it is. It was written. The reason I know it was written in the stars, or meant to be if you like, is because I noticed how I felt in that moment. Comfortable, calm and at peace, I was supposed to go and experience India and all it has to offer me.

Most that know me personally know that I like company, I like feeling safe and secure, I'm not so keen on change and I like familiarity in my life. But that's exactly what this trip feels like - familiar. Like I'm going to visit and old friend or I'm going home.

I'm under no illusion that visiting this new place will be an entirely new experience, I don't know what to expect and maybe I'll feel more nervous or even a little scared as the time to pack, board, put my feet on the Indian soil draws closer but one thing I know for sure is, you have to do something that scares you once in a while, everything is a lesson and it allows you to feel truly alive. What else is there?

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