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Yoga Book? How apt!

So..I have a summer of solo travelling up ahead of me, a month in India and a trip to China (lots more about those to come!) My laptop is too heavy, my iPad is quite old, my phone is a phone, notice a pattern? Nothing was making me happy lol! I started to research and I wanted something that resembled both tablet and laptop simultaneously, not heavy and that I can use anywhere in the world with ease. After a very short time, the Lenovo Yoga Book appeared. As I'm going to India to learn yoga, and I'm a bit of an all or nothing girl, I decided to take a look. Two days later, I was the owner of this shiny new toy! It's amazing, the hinge allows for laptop and tablet functions, the halo keyboard is really unique and it has all the features you would ever need. Now I know in terms of the tech world this is a pretty poor review, however, I wanted to try and type something on the fancy Yoga Book keyboard and also it's my blog so I guess I can put what I like on here lol! I'm sure someone might read it ;) Anyway, it got me thinking, think positively about what you need in life and it usually appears, I do believe in the law of attraction (obviously not just for Yoga Books lol) but for things that will help you solve problems, for things that will make you happy, for things that you need to experience in order to learn your lessons from and for new steps in your journey. I'm even more excited about my travels now as I have this little piece of tech that I can pour my creativity into, which will all be safely stored on this tiny piece of clever plastic!

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