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IDEA! Kind Reminders...

This was a gorgeous little activity that encouraged the children to think positively about themselves and others. The idea is to create little pocket sized cards with a kind message written on it to gift to a classmate. It can be decorated too of course :) The children then go around the circle and give the card to another, everyone should get one. It was lovely then chatting about how they felt when they received the card. We talked a bit about those feelings and how they knew that was the emotion they were feeling. For example a little girl said she was surprised to receive a card that said she was funny. Surprise felt like 'bubbles' in her heart :) then she realised how happy she felt which made her heart feel 'like it could pop with happiness'. The nicest part was much later. Whilst the children were pottering about the classroom going about their business, I noticed when the children thought no one was watching, they pulled the little cards out of their shirt pocket to look at them and remind themselves of their positive attribute. Little smiles all round :)

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