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An Iceberg in the Desert

A little review of a short story with big messages! 

Alert! Shameless plug to follow! :) This month I'm reading YogaLife magazine in Dubai. I'm delighted to have an article featured in this issue where I've written about the importance of mindfulness and well-being for children. What I'm not ashamed of, is how ecstatic I am to have my message out there to a wider audience. I couldn't be more passionate about well-being in schools and I whole-heartedly believe that teaching children methods to care for their minds at a young age will prepare them for life's inevitable curveballs. The reason I believe this so fiercely is because I've lived it. My mental wellness is paramount to me and I owe lots of my disposition to mindfulness and positive psychology. If you pass the mag in Spinney's, have a read. Yogalife always includes fascinating, exciting features to further expand one's well-being. What could be better :)

Misplaced Cheese?

Where is my cheese? Where is yours? What kind of cheese do I crave? Confused? So was I until I read this little gem of a book. Only 95 pages long with a message that can last a lifetime. I have read it a couple of times, or more specifically, I've read it when change is taking place - an inevitable event that lots of us run from or at least, feel uncomfortable with in certain areas of life. Dr Spencer Johnson tells a very simple tale about four little mice Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw who pursue their 'cheese' daily in a seemingly never ending maze. The clever part is 'cheese' is a tasty metaphor that can be anything you want it to be and very quickly you find yourself deciding which mouse you are. You may be all of them! As if a powerful, thought provoking, 95 page read isn't delicious enough - the tastiest morsel is the realization that change can be handled in such a way that you can have your cheese and eat it. Do let me know how you find it, I'd love to hear from you! Ash x

The Courage to be Creative, Doreen Virtue

When starting a new creative project (such as a new website about your passion :) it can be hard to know where to start. Listen to your intuition. This book had been sitting in my bookcase for around two years before I felt the urge to pick it up. The blog you are having a goosy through began after chapter five! I like Doreen's take on things. Her spiritual way and communication with angels isn't for everyone - and that doesn't bother her! But everyone can take advice about being creative from this colourful book. 

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