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136.1 Serenity in the City

I truly believe that to teach children about well-being and mindfulness you have to take care of yourself first, you can't pour from an empty cup as they say! This is something I've gotten better at over the last couple of years but there's still a way to go. One of the little stepping stones for me is yoga and this is the place to do it!

With so many different studios around the world, most people can find somewhere nearby to do yoga and for me it is, 136.1.

136.1 Yoga studio is in the heart of Dubai Marina and lucky for me, is only a 4 minute walk - I have no excuse not to go! It is located in the Trident Bayside tower and as soon as you leave the city and enter 136.1, the calm, friendly atmosphere envelops you and wraps you up in peace. The teachers are second to none and the range of classes make yoga accessible to everyone. I love that I can go to Yin Yoga at 8 in the evening, smugly knowing I'll have a restful night of sleep afterwards. My practice has improved in such a short space of time due to the support from teachers when I go. They offer loads of different workshops an also some meditation classes too.

Go and get better or go and meet yoga for the first time, everyone's body, mind and soul will be taken care of at 136.1.

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